Foundations of Our Faith


This 3 day seminar takes our participants through basic Christian concepts delving into the Bible to see what the scriptures teach about "Salvation", "Holy Communion", "Water Baptism", "Who is Jesus Christ?", "Prayer", and others for a total of 17 foundational teachings basic to a correct understanding of the Christian faith.  We take our generator, sound equipment, projector, and screen to present  a spectacular multi-media presentation the like of which most of our participants have never seen.

New Beginnings


class is an abbreviated version of the Foundations of Our Faith class designed to be completed in 10 hours of class time. This is taught "small group" style with 8 to 30 participants and with ample opportunity for group discussion.

Revelation & Daniel


seminars offer more in-depth studies than either of our other classes. The Book of Daniel takes 3 days and involves the class in role play and group reports. The Book of Revelation study takes 5 days and gives the participants an in-depth study of the resurrected Christ, introduces folks to the organization of the book, various views of end times, and  views of some of the more difficult eschatology presented in Revelation. Participants have homework and daily group presentations.

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